There are many of us often striving for “greatness” or even just “pretty good” in our lives.

We’re bombarded by images of organized closets, well put together ensembles, gorgeous five course meals and the happy’s: happy in work, happy with family, happy in relationships and happy in life. Yes, I have ALL of these things SOME of the time (okay, maybe not the five course meal thing just yet), but what about the rest?

Image: anankkml / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I started thinking about this idea of “perfection” at home, far beyond and within ourselves… this idea of always striving for the next or the better or the perfect or the this or the that.

And, it is exhausting!  It got me thinking, it got me frustrated, it got me hopeful…and then, it got me writing.

It’s great to have goals.  It’s fun to have projects to work on.  It’s refreshing to organize a messy space.  It’s rewarding to master one of those “fancy” recipes.  It’s great to dream and plan.  And, we should.  I do all of these things! It feels awesome to have those self-defined “perfect” weeks and days and hours and moments.  We should definitely share those times!

But, I also have complaints and regrets and imperfections.  I looked around and I started thinking.  Imperfection is my reality.  So, since when did the “imperfect” stuff become taboo?  Am I allowed to complain? To wish? To be imperfect?  Can my home, my style, my interests and – dun dun dunnn – my life – be a work in progress? And, (maybe most importantly), can’t we have a little fun along the way…(albeit sometimes griping about it as we go)?  Then, I thought about all the things in life that bring up these questions for me and, thus, imperfect nesting was born.

This is a space to be real about it all. To revel in the imperfections. To celebrate the (seemingly) perfect.*

To find happiness in both.  And in everything in between.

Welcome to imperfect nesting.

*Caveat: Perfection is an elusive and subjective concept! (And some may argue it is  unattainable and, frankly, not a worthwhile goal!) When I use the word here I am using it ironically.  What is perfection, anyway?  Even if I could define it, it would be different for us all.  I acknowledge and embrace this!

This blog is meant to be fun!  Are there more important things in life than to chatter about all this? Of course.  Do I dedicate myself to those things? I sure do.  Do I still think it is important to balance those issues, causes and commitments with stuff like this blog? Absolutely. 

Photo Source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/image/view_photog.php?photogid=1674


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