it will be a little while before i make mac and cheese again.

16 Aug

A gorgeous day and I’m here in bed.  I don’t HAVE to be, but tomorrow I have to be on my feet all day commuting to work to and from the city and so I’m preparing for that action by remaining sedentary with my leg elevated today.

Let me start at the beginning.

On Wednesday night I spilled boiling hot water on my leg.  The details of the HOW (which almost everyone seems interested in) are a little fuzzy due to the split second nature of the encounter, but there was a readjusting of the handle and a wider than necessary pull back to compensate.  All of that plus a pot with one of those really nifty and (generally) handy lids with the slits – no colander required! – amounted to a bit of disaster.

Luckily, my little guy was nowhere near the kitchen.  Luckily, my mom happened to be visiting.  Luckily… well, at this point my luck was all gone ’cause I had just dumped boiling hot water on my leg. After some screaming, crying, frozen zucchini bags (a no-no FYI), a call to the walk-in medical center, a dash upstairs to grab something to wear as I was now pants-less, we threw my little guy in the back of the car and my mom drove me to the ER at the hospital where my son was born.  That there happens to be a hospital 10 minutes closer to my house was not of concern: I completely forgot until we were well past the point of turning back.  That this hospital we were flying towards no longer takes my insurance was of no matter: Would anyone remember that random letter from Aetna 6 months ago saying as much in this type of situation?

Needless to say, I’m all patched up now.  At the ER that night, the process was fairly smooth.  They examined me, put on some cream and sent me on my way with some pain meds and my leg all bandaged up.  I was to return on Friday for a check-in.  Overall, seems I am lucky after all.  The diagnosis: a second degree burn that will most likely heal on its own over time.  They are optimistic I won’t have any scarring.  And, while I wasn’t taking into account a lot of things on that drive to the hospital, an additional item to add to the list is that I was heading towards the only certified burn center in my state which means I got really good care AND there’s a good chance my insurance might accept the petition for it to be considered an in-network benefit.

me in my bandages on the way to my follow up appointment. note the unshaven right leg 

Tomorrow I’ll be elbowed by someone trying to get past me on the subway, I’ll stand in line for too long waiting for my lunch and I’ll accidentally forget about my leg for just a split moment and bang my heavy tote bag against my thigh as I walk to my car from the train at the end of the day (c’mon, we all know it will happen), but for today you can find me with my leg propped up, asking my toddler “where’s mama’s boo-boo” and laughing.  And, for today, that’ll be enough.

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