feminist secrets, revived

5 Aug

It took me forever and a day to get in to WordPress since it has been over a year since I last posted.  I tried remembering my password.  No such luck.  I gave up and completed the – seemingly daily – task of resetting my password in order to get what I need.  I dutifully typed in my e-mail address.  When I ventured over to my inbox, I was surprised to find that my password request had been received for “feministsecrets” which seemed like a vaguely familiar term.  I kinda, sorta remembered creating another blog a while back but couldn’t recall if I’d posted there or thought up a name and jumped in, only to abandon the project minutes later. I navigated back over to WordPress, logged in and an even older and completely neglected blog I started in 2011 awaited me.  It is so fascinating how the brain stores away these memories.  Finding the blog was like opening up that worn box where I keep items from my college days.  When I pull out a newspaper article, photo or final course essay and examine it as an artifact it can sometimes bring back a lot but, more often, it can truly feel like I’m holding scraps of someone else’s life in my hands.  My connection to this blog was the virtual version of that: a vague shadow that could have been from a movie I saw just as easily as my own existence.

Of course, I shamefully provide access to the four and only contributions of feministsecrets without (a ton of) regret.


One Response to “feminist secrets, revived”

  1. Zack August 5, 2015 at 1:56 pm #

    Welcome back, my favorite feminist 🙂

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