i’m baaaack.

24 Jul

I’m sitting here in the office on the third floor of my new home surrounded by boxes.  Around me are some documents for work, for the job I started in October. My (just about to turn) 7 month old little babe is sleeping one floor below me.

It is the picture of all that has changed since I was here last.  And it (along with recent experiences and gentle prompting of friends) has forced me to feel unable to ignore the nagging that I need to get on here and get back to writing.  It’s all just too insane and amazing and stressful and hilarious to keep it in.  

I was worried my blog, out of pure spite and lack of forgiveness, would simply reject my password attempts and shut me out.  But, here I am.  

Just a few weeks before my last post, over one year ago, I found out I was pregnant.  My world changed in so many ways.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t make the time to write (I certainly had more free time than I have now), nor was the past year+ lacking in any imperfection making my life’s experiences unworthy for such a title (an incident where I laughed so hard I peed my pants is an example that springs to mind most immediately).  I’m not quite sure why none of the stories from the past year made it here.  I think I was worried this would become a trite pregnancy/mommy blog (god forbid) and also maybe I was too busy going back and forth between happiness, eating a lot and freaking out in equal measure.    

I had more to say but transitions are always tough.  Plus, I just received a text that Project Runway is on.  That and half of a(n entire) cold pesto pizza have my name on it tonight.  So, here I am.  And, here I go.  For now 🙂 


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