5 May


Has it actually been a month since I have sat down to write?  Yikes.  It has been way too long.  I’ve been missing the blog and thinking about it often but things have been beyooond hectic for the past few weeks and writing kept getting pushed further down the priority list.

As part of my personal initiative to keep myself busy with the express purpose of either 1- filling my life with things I’m passionate about to help me become more fulfilled or 2 – keeping myself so busy that I don’t have time to think about anything (I’ll deal with figuring out which one later!)…I have stumbled into the solution of “signing myself up” and questioning later.  With the exception of a few hiccups, that process has been working and I’ve been learning a lot about myself in the meantime.

What has been keeping me busy?

First, work.  I took on a big project at my job that will soon be coming to a close and had me staying late, working on weekends and… was causing a general air of anxiety!  However, I chose to take this on because I wanted a challenge and some more gratifying work.  When I wasn’t working I just wanted to be sitting on the couch eating cookies. But, the cookies would have to wait.

I also have been in the midst of a 6 week fashion course at Parson’s.  This had been something I was considering for a LONG time and went back and forth about taking it and made a bunch of excuses along the way about why it wasn’t a good idea.  I finally did sign up and, while it was a “for fun” course, there was no way I was just cruising through. SO, I diligently did all of the readings, attended the exhibits, wrote my reviews and spent an entire weekend researching and writing my final paper – on fashion and feminism, of course.

Was that last part sort of painful? Yes.
Did I kind of really love doing it? Absolutely.
Was the class super informative and engaging? Yes and Absolutely.

And, as my course was coming to an end, I was switching into party-planning and preparation mode for a super small fundraiser I was hosting (more to come on this next post).  That was something I had been throwing around for literally over a year and decided to just buckle down sent the invite and then truly process what was needed.  I knew I really wanted to do it and didn’t want my own over-thinking and second-guessing to get in the way.

As we move through May, my fever of “biting off a LOT to chew” (not more than, but just the right amount with a liiiittle overdose) will come to a (temporary?) close.  All of the things I’ve had on my plate have been fun, exciting and/or self-imposed (including the project at work – did I mentioned I asked to do it?)

The good news is, I have only had about 2 breakdowns and both were short-lived.

I call progress!

Signing myself up and questioning later has been working for me so far.  Now, for the cookies!


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