happy easter

31 Mar

First off, yay pastels! My table is happy.

Secondly, we’re spending the spring holidays in a lowkey way again this year.

I went to visit my mom last weekend for a Passover meal, just the two of us.  Can we talk for a second about Matzo Brei and how I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

For Easter, the husband and I will be spending a “regular” Sunday at home.  We just feasted on some pancakes and turkey sausiiige (the only acceptable way to pronounce sausage), and I’m still in my pjs.  The morning will conclude with (finally) hanging up the three pictures I’ve had leaning against the wall for at least a month.  Not exactly a traditional Easter A.M. but I’m a far cry from complaining about it.  I do have some sense of nostalgia/undying love for chocolate and couldn’t resist getting a big ol’ Easter bunny and enough peanut butter eggs to fill a bathtub, though. 

Our now “traditional” dinner meal is coq au vin which I randomly made last year and is now on the annual Easter menu so I’ll be trying my hand at that again today.  I’m more than open to going back down the ham and scalloped potatoes route but I do sort of like that we are making our own, albeit strange, traditions.

Regardless of how you spend your day… crossing things off the to do list, celebrating with a feast amongst family and friends or pulling the cover over your head for another hour of slumber… wishing you a happy one (with wine, where applicable).


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