skiing, take one: where you won’t find me sipping hot chocolate in the lodge

2 Mar

For me, busy = happy.  It can also = cranky and tired but I can be all of those things when I’m NOT busy so I might as well throw happy into the mix.  As a result I’ve been jumping into some NEW adventures and signing up for NEW things. I’ve also been attempting some new activities to take me out of my comfort zone.

Exhibit A – I recently went skiing for the first time.  Ever.  In life.

Anyone who knows me knows this is probably the definition of outside of my comfort zone…but, I was really excited and interested to try it out.  I admit that the part that got me most excited (at first) was getting to go SHOPPING! You can’t wear just anything on the slopes…you need new socks, new pants and you definitely need a new pink and black North Face jacket.  I was hoping to go for a total retro snow bunny look but for whatever reason you just can’t find that style at Eastern Mountain Sports.  Go figure.

The big day arrived and I was not as nervous as I probably should have been.  Waiting on the rental line I noticed children – I swear they were 2 years old – swerving down the mountain on snowboards and took a big gulp. Did these kids come out of the womb with skis on?

I had signed up for a private lesson and my instructor took me to the liiiittle, teeny hill to get started (thank god).  After what seemed like not nearly enough time, she brought me to a larger slope where I promptly fell into her.  Twice. But, I was committed!  Set free, I was determined to continue to give it a try.

I have this thing where I have no patience for myself and want to be really good at something the first time I try it (note to self – get back into therapy to examine that one, though purpose of blog continues to be reaffirmed).  True to form I showed a varied range of emotions…let’s just say threats were involved…but the bottom line is that it was a great experience and I am so happy I tried and am actually headed back tomorrow.

The low point of the day – when I slid (supposedly slowly) into a tree after screaming “I’m a runaway train – I can’t stop!” for what felt like a solid 5 minutes, completely unable to gain any semblance of sanity.

The high point – careening down the slope, moderately in control and feeling the wind on my face, knowing that…one way or another…I’d be able to stop once I reached the bottom.


One Response to “skiing, take one: where you won’t find me sipping hot chocolate in the lodge”

  1. Samantha Fair March 2, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    Picture of you in the new North Face and all your skiing gear please!

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