apartment therapy’s january-ish cure

26 Jan

I recently came upon The January Cure on Apartment Therapy and fell in love with it…as much as one can fall in love with a plan for cleaning and organizing one’s home.

The January Cure is a day by day schedule of small actions you can take throughout the month to improve your home.

I love so much about it! I love that it is one, bite-sized action a day.  I love that you get an e-mail alert (can’t forget!) daily. I love that it is all planned out so you know what’s coming.  I love that it provides real-life examples of people executing on each step and (possibly most of all) I love that you’re not moving mountains.

I don’t love that I found it on January 17th – more than halfway through The Cure.  I may be past the point of saving!

But, alas, I’m trying anyway.  I spent time last weekend listing out all the actions I’d missed (I love me some lists) and was happy to be able to check a few off already.  First, I’d already bought flowers that weekend  – a small expense that makes me happy – and I’d already semi-created an outbox, one of the recommended methods for keeping things in limbo before (possibly) discarding.  Day 1 was actually to make a list of projects you wanted to tackle and what could be better than making a list within a list?!

Unfortunately, once the list was neatly made and the things I’d already done checked off, I started having second thoughts about cleaning out my refrigerator and slammed my notebook shut.

My January Cure may turn into a mid-January through March Cure.  Well, bring on the meds?


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