sunday is the new black

20 Jan

There’s something really special about doing anything on a day you don’t normally do it.  The simplest activity can feel like a complete adventure.

My husband recently bought us tickets to go see Ira Glass (and some of the rest of the This American Life family) at a panel discussion a few towns away.  He knows I am absolutely in love with the radio show and listen to it weekly.  I often share my favorite stories with him.

The kicker was that it was on a Sunday night.

We rarely, nay NEVER, do anything on a Sunday night.  It is completely off limits and reserved for things like mourning the loss of the weekend and debating whether I can get away with not ironing that blazer I wore once or three times last week.  At first, we were both almost reluctant.  Keep in mind that this was at 7pm and was about a 20 minute drive.  Keep in mind that I absolutely adore Ira and talk about the show constantly.  Keep in mind that we had legitimately considered driving TWO HOURS once to see another T.A.L. something or other a year or so ago.

But, but…Sunday.

Well, we went, anyway and I’m so very glad that we did.  We had an awesome time and, of course, in the car on the way home we said “That wasn’t so bad. Doing something – every once in a while – on a Sunday could be kind of fun.”

We had a similar experience when this past Thursday we made a movie date to see Silver Linings Playbook.

Now, to be fair, I’m generally more likely to do something on a Thursday than a Sunday.  In fact, I often make dinner plans to see friends in the city after work on Wednesdays or Thursdays; however, coming all the way home to New Jersey, having dinner and then first going out on a Thursday…with my husband no less… that’s a complete anomaly.  We rarely have “dates” during the week.

I’m sure you know where this is going. Again, another total TREAT.  The bonus of going out on Thursdays is that it almost feels like an extended weekend with just one pesky work day in between.  Regardless, both events felt super special and made the week feel so much less routine.  Sometimes if you “force” yourself to do things on days where you would rather be under a blanket with a piece of cake watching your DVR shows you are sad; however, most times it feels nice to have the change of pace and is totally worth it.

The moral of the story: Changing things up in your routine, even in small ways, can bring a little excitement.

The other moral of the story: I am an elderly woman with a 10pm bedtime and the life of NO party since 2005.


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