packing up the holidays

19 Jan


We finally packed up the holidays last weekend.  There’s almost a sad, depressing feel to having the unlit tree up days and weeks after it has been officially put to use.  We knew it was time.

Since I was mentally out of commission the weekend prior and my husband was down for the count with the flu(ish), we made a pact that this past weekend would be THE TIME.

It is so cliche but so true that half the battle is getting started.  Once I collected the nerve, I was around the place like a maniac and – in what felt like minutes – every red bow, ornament and candle smelling of spice was on the kitchen table.  It has to get messier before it can get tidy.  There was a lot more organizing and packing up and putting away and cleaning to do (and still a bit remains) but that initial oomph was the biggest hurdle and that is behind us.  It doesn’t hurt that our place is teeny or that we had a three foot tree…but still.

Now the living room looks SO bare.  Every time I turn the corner it still shocks me to see it.  It’s sad, but refreshing in a way.  A clean slate waiting… for the next mess or next holiday or next spill or, in the meantime, just a break for a quick breather.



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