uhhh…is it too late to show you some of my christmas decorations?

1 Jan

This is going to be a post about Christmas.  On January 1st.  I need to ask that you just bear with me.

I could definitely spin this post in another way: an “ideas for next year, WAY in advance” post…or a “let me compare and contrast this year and last year’s holiday as I reflect on the New Year” post…but I’d rather be brutally honest. SO truth time: the past week has caused me to go completely crazy-town.  We had a beyond busy holiday (as did everyone) and then jetted off to Cali the day after Christmas BUT I soooooo wanted to post about some of my holiday stuff, which is SO outdated, totally over, last week’s news (literally) and it is obviously a blogging faux pas to do so.

Uhhh…I’m going to show you anyway.  ‘kay?

Pre-amble done.  Without further adieu, no apologies… here’s some 7-days-late, imperfect-and-celebrated, but-oy-i-need-a-legit-camera-or-to-start-using-instagram(?) holiday photo parade:


Card display
I wanted a new display for our holiday cards this year and decided to do something that would incorporate our blank closet doors.


I bought this crafting tape and wooden clothespins to do something a bit more festive.


The smaller crafting tape was the perfect width for the clothespins! All I had to do was cut it to size and slap it on.  Easy and quick.


I hung a thick, plaid ribbon from our closet doors and used the clothespins to hang the cards.


Unfortunately, my idea turned imperfect when, after a couple of hours, the tape started peeling off the sides of the clothespins.  A little glue would have solved the problem but I just kept tucking them back in every time I walked by.

Wrap it up


I went Kraft-paper-happy with my wrapping this year.  I shamelessly stole this idea from every other Pinterest pin and all corners of the Internet.  I bought a big roll of Kraft paper from Staples, got some cute tags at Target and picked up a ton of different ribbon from Michaels.  I had so much fun and loved the look.  I will definitely do some variation on this next year.

New Decor


Here is my new favorite new holiday decor addition: I used two hurricane vases to display colorful, sparking and glittery holiday balls.  I picked up 6 packs of these mini ornaments from Target and dropped them right in.  I kept the larger of the two vases on the floor and it just popped!



Setting the table this year was fun! Last year we had our round 2 person breakfast table sidled up against a borrowed fold-out for a cozy dinner, which was adventurous but didn’t leave much room.  We actually have a full size table now so that worked out very well; however, I insisted on using the formerly used plaid, round tablecloth since the whole rustic table concept was inspired by it and so I had to get creative. Serendipitously, I found a larger green one (on the dreaded day-before-hosting-oops-trip-to-Target) that happened to match perfectly and put it underneath. Problem solved. Everyone always loves these stemless wine glasses with blackboard patches that we got as a gift from my sister- instant “place cards.”


Hope you and yours celebrated a happy holiday season!


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