new year’s…not just yet

1 Jan

Happy post-holiday fever!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The internet is abuzz today with posts and articles on 2012 reflections and New Year’s resolutions, which completely makes sense.  This won’t totally be one of those posts, though… because I’m just not ready.

As for many, the holidays were a crazy (fun) whirlwind in my world with various places to go, gifts to buy and wrap, things to do and a dinner to host.  To top it off, on the 26th we headed to the airport at 5AM to catch a flight to L.A. to spend time with family, and we returned home late yesterday evening just in time to pick up some Greek takeout, catch up on a couple of shows on the DVR and watch the ball drop before passing out at 12:05.

I feel kind of guilty, but I am just not ready for January 1st.

A lot has happened in the past year.  I celebrated my first wedding anniversary.  I started a new job.   I began this blog.  And, well, I’m sure there’s a whole ton more stuff to mention, too.

Though I haven’t been big on New Year’s resolutions in the past, I’ve recently found it really helpful to set concrete goals for myself, regardless of the time of year.  I am open to considering them.  I am open to making them.  I just need a biiiiit more time.

I’m back to work tomorrow, so if we could get some sort of “free pass” to make next Tuesday January 1st instead of today…yeah, that would be great.  In the meantime, I’ll get going on these resolutions…after I finish this pizza/wine/bad TV show.


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