it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas (and hanukkah, too)

16 Dec

We celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas in my family which has always made the holiday season even more filled with joy.  This time of year for me is most about tradition, nostalgia and memories.  It brings up bittersweet feelings, happy feelings and sad feelings in one – but, it is a time for the remembrance of many things and that is something I try to embrace.  Plus, there is no time of year more focused on my (some new) favorite pastimes of cooking, baking, hosting and crafting.  Throw on some Christmas music and I’m a happy camper.

I finally found some time to begin some imperfect decorating last week before our Saturday evening Hanukkah dinner.

Here’s a brief snapshot:


One string of lights was half out so I couldn’t put it around the door frame like I did last year.  I tried to find a new home for them (instead of buying a new batch) so they landed imperfectly around my husband’s framed New Orleans poster which, after 5 years of being together and 1 year of marriage, I still can’t quite figure out just how I feel about.  I think I love it.


We live in a one bedroom apartment (and we have been known to be “tree-lazy”) so we’ve only had little bushes with a few decorations in the past (we will ignore the fact that we have 11 ft. ceilings – perfect for a massive pine).  Truth be told, this was our first year with an actual tree.  Yes, it was purchased at a grocery store, is three feet tall and may leave a little to be desired, but it is perfect for us.  We sampled it here with a few lights before putting on the rest of our ornaments.


After spending the afternoon decorating and cooking, we settled in for a relaxing semi-homemade holiday dinner.  Some may find the juxtaposition of the Christmas tree and the table set for a Hanukkah meal a bit imperfect, but we embrace it!  The beautiful blue glasses are vintage from my in-laws.  We have five glasses so we’ll have to figure out what to do if a sixth person ever comes to dinner…


After a lovely dinner, we ran out of serving spoons so we improvised with these pizza knives.  They did the trick and made for a laugh.

Time to dig in to some leftovers!


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