remember that time i went to target and it was amazing? [oh. every. time.]

8 Dec


I took the day off of work yesterday.  My weekends for the remainder of the month of December are completely packed and I wanted a day to leisurely “finish” (still more to do, but the intent was there) my shopping and my holiday cards (I’m making my own this year).  I didn’t want the frantic anxiety of the December 23rd rushed trip to the mall and I wanted to ENJOY this time.  One of my colleagues mentioned that she takes two days off in December to do just that and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

I decided to start the day at Target.  If I previously thought a trip to Target couldn’t get any better, I was wrong.  It can:  Arrive when it opens.

I pulled into the parking lot at 7:58.  I was surprised to see there were already lots of people sitting in their cars waiting for the doors to open, too.  My fantasy of a completely empty store was dashed (don’t you people have jobs to go to? oh…wait…), but it was still heaven when I walked in and saw rows and rows and ROWS of carts.  I’ve never seen that.  What a sight!  I felt like I was behind the scenes on a movie set.

After a few moments I realized I needed to stop reveling and move on so I snatched the nearest cart and breathed a happy sigh.  I spent a glorious 2+ hours roaming the aisles throwing gifts, clothes, decorations and holiday cheer into my cart.  Talk about comfort and joy.


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