90% off everything in the next 30 seconds – hurry while supplies last – DON’T MISS IT – extended four more hours…

27 Nov

I stay away from Black Friday. I’m the person that can’t deal with a few people blocking the aisles on a random Saturday afternoon in June so I’m obviously not the shopper that Black Friday is made for (cursing stores for opening on Thanksgiving day, besides).

Today, though, I’m actually reflecting on the stress of Cyber-Monday.  The personal benefit of shopping in the comfort of your own home is supposed to ward AGAINST stress.  Completely understood.  I, on the other hand, decide to sit down with my laptop at 7:45pm after a long day and, (wait for it) without a list, begin perusing the internet.  I purchased one thing before losing my mind.  I didn’t know what I wanted but I knew I wanted something.  I knew I wanted something because everything was 20, 40 or 50% off.  Right? RIGHT?!!?!

It took a small outburst, a throwing of my laptop onto the floor (ok, it was a casual placement on the carpet but I made an angry face while doing so) and a few deep breaths to put things into perspective but I finally came to the realization and peaceful reality that…

1- Sales will happen again.
2- It is literally still November.  Christmas is not tomorrow.
3- Paying nearly $10 for shipping on something can sometimes mean that 40% is much less sweet than it seems.
4- My sanity (by using a well-prepared shopping list another day) is much more valuable than a few dollars in savings.

I’ve always preferred shopping in person to online.  I’ve always preferred enjoying the time I search for a perfect present to savagely filling a virtual cart with random things just because OMGeverythingIsOnSale.  I love a deal as much as the next gal but I love a lot of other things just as much or more.

Bring on the full priced merch on my own timeline. Seasons Greetings.


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