imperfect hosting

17 Oct

This past weekend I hosted two of my wonderful friends as house guests.  Well, I use the term house guests loosely.  Condo guests – more accurate.  One-bedroom apartment guests – more telling.

They were both troopers and took to the air mattress without complaint.  I wanted to make their stay as cozy as possible which can be tough if you live in a certain manner (e.g., one bedroom, one bath) that doesn’t allow you to host frequently- the vicious cycle that it is!

However, I was determined! We started by removing the loudly ticking clock from the wall of my combo living room/dining room/office that my guests would be inhabiting.  That thing’ll keep you up all night. Ah-ha! No Four Seasons, but we know how to treat our clients.

Next, I tried to shove the comforter that would adorn my guests’ “bed” into our washing machine to no avail and resigned to giving them our comforter…though my husband later (while we were out at the Fiona Apple concert – what up) had the genius idea to use one of our condo’s communal washing machines – much bigger than the 1 in our unit – to address the issue but not until unnervingly close to bedtime.  As a result, my guests had a partially damp, but mostly dry blanket to keep them (sort of) cozy.

Finally, I forgot to pull down our extra towels to ensure they were at the ready (::gasp:: I told you – I never do this) but tried to make up for that the next morning.  I happened to get up earlier than my visitors and decided to set the bathroom up like a hotel…sort of.  I started small with toothpaste and extra soap and ended up with something that looked like CVS threw up on my counter.


i actually removed a couple of things because it felt like “too much” which makes this eeeeven better


While I won’t be hanging up a B&B sign anytime soon, all in all I think the girls had a good time.


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