d.i.y. me?

9 Oct

I’ve been nerding out over crafting lately.  I realized it is something that brings me joy and really relaxes me, and I’m finally succumbing to the Martha-Stewart-sounding voice inside and making it a bigger part of my life!  Crafting is the final nail in my domestic-loving coffin..err…scratch that.  That sounds like a negative way to put it.

It is the final organza ribbon in my holiday wreath?

It is the final sprinkle of sugar on my freshly baked cake?

It is the final chapter in my book (that I just bound myself)?

Well, whatever it is – I’ve given in and it feels so good! I’m tackling small, bite-sized projects for now and just work on things that I find fun.  Most recently I created [simple and possibly created by a 5 year old] fall greeting cards for my family and friends after being inspired by these gold-touched leaves I spotted while roaming the aisles at Michaels (no apostrophe I learned)…before I knew it, I had been there for over an hour and had added a pumpkin stamp to my cart and the rest was history.  I wasn’t perfect enough to keep a finished product to share with you, but here are all the materials that excited me! Fun!


Also, I totally fell in love with this spooky front door I spotted on Apartment Therapy via Pinterest and did my best to replicate it with some awkward handmade bats…


[Should I take up photography next given the amazing quality of that photog? I swear it is pitch black in my hallway and that that is actually a good end result…]

Finally, I’ve gotten back into scrapbooking which I dabbled with a little bit over a year ago but ended up putting on the back burner.  I started taking a weekly class and am already excited about other classes I can take when this wraps up.  Bottom line: I ❤ Michaels. And glitter.  And. Yes.

To be clear, I’m not aspiring to become one of the talented and hardcore contestants that appear on Craft Wars (yea, I watch it…) but I am aspiring to make time in my life for the things that make me feel happy, stress-free and fulfilled.  Right now, crafting does that.

Folding the laundry? Not so much.


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