anger-ate (patent pending)

6 Oct

Yesterday morning I told my husband, via e-mail, that I just “anger-ate” a bagel.  He wrote back that he was laughing out loud and thought that was the funniest thing.

Hmm, I proudly thought to myself, pleased to make him laugh, I guess I’m clever.  Gold star for me.

Five hours later I remembered that being “hangry” is already a thing and I am completely unoriginal.  Technically, being hangry is sort of the opposite of anger-ate, or at least distinct…hangry actually occurs before the food, but STILL.

I totally hate when I think I’ve come up with something I think is awesome only to realize and I totally ripped it off something else.  In case you’re wondering, I feel like this happens to me more than it should.  #i’mlame #areyougonnaeatthat


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