define what you mean by “klutz”…

2 Oct

I’ve never really identified as a klutzy person, but lately I’m thinking I need to reevaluate that.

This weekend alone I gravely injured myself in two ways:

First, I somehow half fell down one stair and basically stepped on my foot with all of my body weight whilst my foot was twisted sideways (it’s hard to explain but pretty funny if you can picture it).

Later the same night I was pulling a tray out of the oven and accidentally hit my upper arm with the corner.   I challenge you to be able to recreate that motion to see if it is even possible.  Only me.  As a result, I’m now sporting a (1 and a half inch in length) burn that I’m convinced (uh, rightfully so) will be a permanent scar.  My one temporary solace is that the weather is changing and I’ll be wearing long sleeves for the foreseeable future…silver lining, people.

So, what can we make of all of this?  Imperfection comes in all different forms, including manifesting itself as an invisible person that takes control over my body and makes me do weird things I wouldn’t normally do.  I’m taking the only way out I see fit: I’m just going to blame it on something outside of my control and cross my fingers that my streak is over…at least temporarily, anyway.


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