pinterest, i’ll stay true

29 Sep

I am always about 1-3 years behind the times with any new technology or online trend.  I am SO excited about this website called WEnglish: A Super Nintendo (SNES or Super NES) ...anelo but I feel like this is one of those things where I’m like “you guys, there’s this amazing new site” and everyone’s like, “omg that came out when SuperNintendo came out” and I’m all like “okay so it is 2 years old then?”

But, seriously.  I love this site!

If you’re not familiar, Wanelo stands for Want Need Love.  You categorize things together (that can be purchased) so it is a great place to store gift ideas and wish lists.

I have to admit, I feel like I’m cheating on Pinterest a little bit.  It is eerily similar.  There are boards.  You add a “Post to Wanelo” icon to your toolbar…But, but, BUT it is different.  For example, my Wanelo account is currently top secret so I can store gift ideas on there without family or friends being any the wiser.  Additionally, it is JUST for items that you can purchase so you won’t find photos of newly renovated kitchens that cost 726 million dollars to redo, recipes for quinoa 56 ways or a tableau of Gabriel Macht.  Promise.  SO I look at each site as serving their own purpose.

I still have a guilty feeling every time I scroll through photo after photo of friendship bracelets, pillows made of old seed bags and too-pricy suede boots but I always cross-pin when applicable so Pinterest knows where I’ve been and I still spend more than 80% of my wasted time on Pinterest.

Pinterest, I’ll stay true…but do you mind if I’m home late for dinner tonight? I may have to stop off for a bit of shopping on the way home…


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