an apple a day

4 Sep

Today was the first day of school for a lot of people.  Many of my friends and family are teachers, work in a school or are students. Incidentally, a lot of people I’m friends with on Facebook are teachers (or so it seems from today’s posts).

Today was just a regular Tuesday for me.

I used to be a teacher, though I’m not anymore.  I used to groan a little when I saw the back to school ads piling up before summer had barely begun, but I also got a rush out of going shopping for new borders for my bulletin boards and searching for new books for my students.  As a student myself, I was no different.  When I got to college, I went crazy at Target picking out new bedding with coordinating knickknacks and (nerd alert) looked forward to purchasing my textbooks each semester.  And even before that, I used to love the first day of school as a child (short of a few HS years).  I liked getting my new folders and pencil case and backpack and picking out my first day of school outfit.  Oh, and I also liked learning, too.

The farther removed I am from the school setting, and being a student, the more nostalgic I find myself getting about that time.  The reality is that by mid-October, my unicorn folders would be bent and already near-fading, the points of my pencils all broken off and my crisp, previously new jeans already turned into an old, boring standby.  As with many material things, the once exciting and new becomes “wallpaper” (as I read/heard somewhere); it fades into the normalcy of our day to day.  But, for that one first day, everything is new again; new classroom, new teacher, new books, new stick-on neon earrings…a new leaf.  As I got older, I may have started to begrudge that all, but when you think about it, there’s a lot of hope in that.

Today was just a regular Tuesday for me, though I’m sending warm fuzzies to all of those for whom it wasn’t.  🙂


2 Responses to “an apple a day”

  1. lauren September 7, 2012 at 9:52 am #

    yes. i want to wear neon stick on earrings again! are those still socially acceptable?

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