that voodoo that you do

15 Aug

I have to admit. I haven’t been on vacation this whole time.

I know, I know.
::gasps:: and ::plates dropping to the floor and shattering::

So, on the surface, not a big deal and I really would love to avoid this becoming a blog about writing a blog (how meta!!)  but given that the general goal of this forum is for me to sometimes get on my soap box and talk about how things aren’t always quite perfect and to ‘get real’ (said with an eye roll – don’t worry) I feel it only fitting to address.

In a perfect world I’d be full of exciting new posts and bursting to write. In fact, I’d purposely wake myself up at 4:30am just brimming with content and, too excited to sleep, I’d jump out of bed and begin typing.

In my imperfect world I’m tired.  And when I’m tired I’m cranky.  And when I’m cranky I don’t write.  And when I don’t write I guilt-shame myself.  And when I guilt-shame myself I…well, I get tired.  I know every line in the book about making time for what you love and I don’t have kids so I don’t know what tired is and watching back-episodes of Suits isn’t a productive way to spend an evening: I get it all.

So now that my apology to myself is out of the way, let’s have some fun: I went to New Orleans! Last week! It was magical!

I am simply fascinated by and in awe of this unique treasure of a city.  First: the food.  My whole trip was planned around the food – researched and all determined weeks before.  A perfect balance of local and tourist, dive and divine.  Beyond the food, the music and the culture and Bourbon Street alone… I really don’t think a cool phrase is “you have to see it to believe it” but I kinda get why people say that because I guess there just are some instances where that is true and I actually typed it out and then got annoyed at myself so I deleted it and then I typed it again.  Fine. It’s true.  Everywhere you go there’s music and life and kind people and fried oysters and corruption and open containers at 4pm on a Thursday and magic.  Finally, reflecting on Katrina added an additional layer over everything we did (for me) in that I couldn’t shake what had occurred there… on the streets where we were standing.

All of the above and more made me intrigued, fascinated, reflective, inspired and all made me fall in love with New Orleans.

Perfect it is not, but we wouldn’t have it any other way around here.


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