garden variety

29 Jul

On a recent shopping trip for “work-appropriate” attire at the LOFT, I found and fell in love with a pair of floral pants.  They were clearly not for the office, but I was so done with trying on pencil skirts and button downs that I was ready for some fun.  I’m not one to stray from a statement piece and my mom (who happened to be shopping with me that day) exclaimed that they were so “on trend” – well, there you have it.  As for me, I just loved ’em. I feel like I’m wearing a water color painting when I put them on.

Here’s the headless model (moi!) donning the pants for a recent night out during last weekend at the beach.  I paired them with a matching top, also from the LOFT, a black blazer (from H&M) and a mustard clutch (of unknown origin that I’ve had for years) because I have an aversion to being too matchy and didn’t want someone to mistake me for a Muffy or Bitsy (the likes of which I have nothing against but certainly am not).

The imperfect side of this (aside from my questionable choice in footwear – did I mention we were at the beach?) is that I could have gone a size up…should have gone a size up… but they didn’t have a size up, so I squeezed into them and crossed my fingers.  I could make do.  That clenched fist in the photo may or may not be a result of the pain.  I’ve lived with worse for fashion!


One Response to “garden variety”

  1. Zack July 31, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    The outfit looked great, dare I say “perfect” on you in person 🙂

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