make it rain

23 Jul

I should start off by saying that I’m not a runner.  I just can’t/don’t/won’t run.  I try it now and again and every time I do I wonder why, why, why? I think running might be a good thing to like doing and I’m not morally opposed to it but, for whatever reason, my body just defies this logic.

Walking up fake stairs to nowhere at the gym? OK.  Elliptical? OK. Walking/hiking/hell, canoeing for hours on end? Fine.  Running? Not so much.

Necessity often changes things.

Even though I was tired, even though it was late, even though my TV remote control was basically saying my name out loud…I decided to go for a walk after dinner tonight.  I hit the sidewalk outside and felt the rain drops slowly start to drop.  A little water never hurt anyone, I thought to myself.  A block later the not yet downpour picked up, but I still power-walked (I hate that phrase) on.  The rain motivated me to really hustle and I felt like I was actually getting some exercise as I rounded the turn.

And then, the lightning came.

I did the calculation in my head – am I closer to home if I turn around and head back or if I keep going? The o-no-is-that?-bellowing thunder clouded my decision-making skills and before I knew it I was in a full on sprint taking the “short cut” home.  Run, run, run.

My thighs started burning way too soon, as they often do when I pretend I can actually run, but I didn’t get the stomachache I anticipated.  I pushed ahead.  I arrived at my door a little more wet than I’d anticipated, but it felt good to have actually had an excuse to push harder and get a better work out than I would have expected.

I can’t rely on the weather for my running motivation every day, but for today it will do.


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