closet woes

18 Jul

I have nothing to wear.

This statement is SO decidedly untrue, and yet…

Okay. I set a goal to pick out my outfit for each day the night before.  This allows for maximum sleep (I have a penchant for hitting the snooze button) and minimum stress in the AM.  Unfortunately, less stress in the morning has turned into more freak-outs at 9:08pm the night before.  Knowing I “have the time” to pick something out, I’m finding myself even more anxious and melodramatic.

Well, I have a day packed full of meetings tomorrow, so I wish I could wear the nice put-together dress and blazer I wore today.  Why oh why did I wear that outfit today? Now I have nothing, NOTHING, noooothiiiing left to wear tomorrow.

::cut to me flipping through blazer after suit after button-down after <insert other completely nice and “put-together” type items here> while sighing loudly::

While I’m not saying I’ve made a mistake by encouraging myself to prepare as much as possible for the day ahead, there’s something to be said for the last minute grab and go routine that I had previously grown accustomed to (AKA “This sweater isn’t THAT wrinkled, right? is it?…is it???).

As frustrating (and pointless) as this evening’s exercise may have been, I wouldn’t go back to that.  There’s enough that can go wrong each morning.

Besides, I like my extra 10 minutes of sleep too much.


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