let me check mapquest, actually

11 Jul

I was getting off the train today and walking home. I was in my own little world when a voice yelled out “Hey, do you know where Grove Street is?”

A woman was hanging out of her car and I realized this inquiry was directed at me.  I stopped. I stared.  I think I raised my hand and said something like “I think it’s…hmmm…” and then what felt like a full awkward 30 seconds went by before this guy swooped in behind me and said “It’s two traffic lights that way” and I half-smiled and shook my head and continued walking home.

Do you ever have one of those moments where you’re so out of it that when someone asks you where a street is that is literally two blocks away you can’t respond with any degree of certainty?

Come talk to me at 7pm every night.




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