there’s always room for dessert

5 Jul

As I mentioned, yesterday’s “festivities” were far from fancy, but I still wanted to do something fun for dessert.  Without having anything planned ahead of time, I chose to get resourceful with what I had on hand, as any “imperfectionist” would.

My thoughts immediately went to the half-full box of chocolate chip cookies sitting on the shelf.  What could I… CHIPWICHES!!

Now, a quick run to the grocery store will fix the lack of vanilla ice cream (why don’t I have that running on tap in my kitchen?) and to add a touch of color – and humor – let’s break into the Christmas sprinkles for some red and white cheer.

I won’t tell if you won’t!

And now, for the ironic photo showcase of the compilation of the easiest, barely even-homemade (three notches down from Sandra-Lee) dessert.


She isn’t serious, is she?

No, no I’m not.





That easy. That basic. That boring.



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