keep your eye on the grand ol’ flag

4 Jul


Happy fourth of July!


I did my best to get in the spirit.  My sister gave me these adorable lanterns and all of the other decor you see hanging around.


Now, if only I could get these stickers off of these sparklery-things. Oh, well.  Just put that part to the back.


Simple table.  Imperfectly perfect.  Luckily it is just the two of us or our guests would be dining on orange, yellow and green place mats.  That would still have been fun and summery but not as festive, I’ll admit.

On the menu? Sausage and peppers, burgers, my husband’s purple slaw and potato chips.


I wanted to get fancier than potato chips but who has the time?

Okay, so I lounged around until 10:00AM before dragging myself to the gym and then haphazardly running THROUGH a parade (as in, running behind a red, white and blue truck with, inexplicably, a princess waving from the back) to get to the movie theatre and then sitting in a movie for 2 hours.  So, when I say ‘who has the time?’ what I’m really trying to say is… I just didn’t make gourmet potato salad today.  For personal reasons.

I did also have delusions of creating a pretty red, white and blue cocktail, but reality settled in…


… and it looks like we’ll be settling for some Mike’s Lemonade.

Did I mention the part where we live in an apartment building and don’t have access to a BBQ? That didn’t stop us from getting into the BBQ-spirit on our oven-top grill.  It is the WORST to clean (for some reason, cleaning it has turned into my husband’s job – but, I feel for him…I really do); however, it is the next best thing to an outdoor grill.


OH! Don’t tell anyone, but my husband dropped a sausage in the floor while moving it over to my masterpiece of a plate that I just “haaad to get a photo of.” See exhibit A below.


“That one’s mine,” he calmly said as he picked it up and put it aside.

Soon after, we sat down and dug in.


It may not be a FoodNetwork-worthy tablescape, but that’s just our reality.  A reality that I am actually learning to love.

Dig in!

Happy Independence Day.


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