sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye

24 Jun

Sunday is usually the day when I’m most excited to cook and/or bake. Depending on what the weekend has had in store, it is (sometimes) a day with endless opportunities and the idea of spending two hours in the kitchen doesn’t make me sick to my stomach; in fact, Sunday is the one day where that prospect kinda excites me.

On weekdays where I now return from work at 7pm or later, sometimes exhausted, and with a 9:45pm bedtime looming on the horizon (grandma alert!), I often opt for a simple and quick meal.

This simple and quick meal (snack? bite of food?) is sometimes comprised of one sad, lonely Lean Pocket that I side up with some carrot sticks so I don’t feel totally disgusted with myself. In case you were wondering: just because something has the word “lean” in it, doesn’t necessarily make it the best option, but it is what it is. Thus, Sundays are a perfect day for me to stretch my muscles in the kitchen to make up for all of the rest of those “grab and go weekdays” that are often my reality.

I digress.

Back to tonight’s Sunday dinner.

Since my husband had his heart set on making fish tacos tonight – go figure – I decided to spend my time on dessert.

I opted for a simple blackberry cobbler recipe I first saw on Pioneer Woman (the TV show with Ree Drummond) a couple of weeks ago and immediately found the recipe online. It looked deeelicious and super simple. Just because I said I don’t mind spending two hours in the kitchen, doesn’t mean I HAVE to.

Ree (totally on a first name basis) includes all of her great photos of the baking process so you can check out the recipe (and allow your mouth to water).

Here are a few highlights from my baking adventure!

The first obstacle was easily surmountable: Fish. I decided to ignore the marinating tilapia smell that seemed to envelop the kitchen and focus on my task at hand.

The recipe calls for self-rising flour, which I actually happened to have on hand from a batch of chocolate chip muffins I made about a month ago. I feel like I never have those “not so common” ingredients (like self-rising flour…or butter or milk…) and it made me feel lamely cool that my pantry was stocked with almost every ingredient!


My frustration level rose slightly when I disappointingly realized that the one whisk we own was covered in…rust? I think that’s what that is?


Clearly, I bake a TON.

Oh well. Ingenuity is not a lost art in my house due to necessity, so I quickly swapped in the attachment from my hand mixer. Do note that I would have had no problem using my own finger as a substitute had I been completely utensil-less. This cobbler thing was happening.

Things got just a bit messy, but the recipe was SUPER easy and required, like, two ingredients so it wasn’t too bad at all. Note the spice rack next to the alcohol next to the vase. My decorating genius is unmatched.


Ugh. Forgot to pre-heat the oven.


Ree, is it okay if this sits on the counter for what seems like 3 hours while the oven pre-heats????

No eggs, so I was SO happy I was able to lick the bowl, guilt-free! You totally know what I mean.

The end result?



Paired with some whipped cream, this simple dessert has stolen my heart. I’m already dreaming about variations with strawberries or raspberries or blueberries or…



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