perfection, meet reality

1 Mar

Welcome to my blog! (and other trite introductory phrases)…

This is a space for anyone who has ever looked around and thought… “well, this isn’t perfect.”

Not sure if that’s you? Here are some examples to explain a little bit more about what I mean…

  • There may be a weekend where I head to the farmer’s market for a busy morning of shopping and spend 3 hours working to create a gorgeous dinner composed entirely of organic items displayed on a beautiful table adorned with a handmade cloth I made myself (DIY!) out of burlap sacks the day before.  Perfect. But, there’s a higher likelihood at any given meal that something on my $1.99, sauce-stained place mat from Ikea will have been heated up in the microwave (gasp)!  Imperfect.
  • There may be a day where I wake up early, get in a workout and put together a stellar Harper’s Bazaar-worthy outfit in 5 minutes.  Perfect.  However, there will also be many more days where not spilling tea on myself before 9:00AM is the sign of a good morning.  Imperfect.
  • One day this summer I hope to have a rearranged living room with brand new furniture, an organized bookshelf and inspired interior design.  Perfect.  Until then, I have hand-me-down pieces, an outdated CD tower hovering in the corner and an “office” sitting inches from the TV.  Imperfect.

So, I have a choice: Do my very best to come to grips with the imperfection or be miserable. Join me as I try to decide…::sarcastic face and then smile for the camera::

Here’s to that elusive and ever-evolving concept of “having it all”… some of the time.


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