it will be a little while before i make mac and cheese again.

16 Aug

A gorgeous day and I’m here in bed.  I don’t HAVE to be, but tomorrow I have to be on my feet all day commuting to work to and from the city and so I’m preparing for that action by remaining sedentary with my leg elevated today.

Let me start at the beginning.

On Wednesday night I spilled boiling hot water on my leg.  The details of the HOW (which almost everyone seems interested in) are a little fuzzy due to the split second nature of the encounter, but there was a readjusting of the handle and a wider than necessary pull back to compensate.  All of that plus a pot with one of those really nifty and (generally) handy lids with the slits – no colander required! – amounted to a bit of disaster.

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feminist secrets, revived

5 Aug

It took me forever and a day to get in to WordPress since it has been over a year since I last posted.  I tried remembering my password.  No such luck.  I gave up and completed the – seemingly daily – task of resetting my password in order to get what I need.  I dutifully typed in my e-mail address.  When I ventured over to my inbox, I was surprised to find that my password request had been received for “feministsecrets” which seemed like a vaguely familiar term.  I kinda, sorta remembered creating another blog a while back but couldn’t recall if I’d posted there or thought up a name and jumped in, only to abandon the project minutes later. I navigated back over to WordPress, logged in and an even older and completely neglected blog I started in 2011 awaited me.  It is so fascinating how the brain stores away these memories.  Finding the blog was like opening up that worn box where I keep items from my college days.  When I pull out a newspaper article, photo or final course essay and examine it as an artifact it can sometimes bring back a lot but, more often, it can truly feel like I’m holding scraps of someone else’s life in my hands.  My connection to this blog was the virtual version of that: a vague shadow that could have been from a movie I saw just as easily as my own existence.

Of course, I shamefully provide access to the four and only contributions of feministsecrets without (a ton of) regret.

my morning

25 Jul

When the police officer doing the random bag search on your way to the subway says “woah, you’ve got a lot of stuff in there” …  you really need to clean out your purse.  

i’m baaaack.

24 Jul

I’m sitting here in the office on the third floor of my new home surrounded by boxes.  Around me are some documents for work, for the job I started in October. My (just about to turn) 7 month old little babe is sleeping one floor below me.

It is the picture of all that has changed since I was here last.  And it (along with recent experiences and gentle prompting of friends) has forced me to feel unable to ignore the nagging that I need to get on here and get back to writing.  It’s all just too insane and amazing and stressful and hilarious to keep it in.  

I was worried my blog, out of pure spite and lack of forgiveness, would simply reject my password attempts and shut me out.  But, here I am.  

Just a few weeks before my last post, over one year ago, I found out I was pregnant.  My world changed in so many ways.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t make the time to write (I certainly had more free time than I have now), nor was the past year+ lacking in any imperfection making my life’s experiences unworthy for such a title (an incident where I laughed so hard I peed my pants is an example that springs to mind most immediately).  I’m not quite sure why none of the stories from the past year made it here.  I think I was worried this would become a trite pregnancy/mommy blog (god forbid) and also maybe I was too busy going back and forth between happiness, eating a lot and freaking out in equal measure.    

I had more to say but transitions are always tough.  Plus, I just received a text that Project Runway is on.  That and half of a(n entire) cold pesto pizza have my name on it tonight.  So, here I am.  And, here I go.  For now 🙂 

the blue brunch

16 Jun

Two months ago – yeesh, time flies – I hosted a fundraising brunch for an organization I have been involved with for three years.  The org is focused on educational equity & opportunity and part of my role as a board member is to raise both awareness and funds.

In true imperfect fashion, I’ve been “planning” this brunch in my head for (at least) over a year and finally made my move.  I have developed an absolute love for hosting but have been making excuses (my place is too SMALL being the BIGGEST of the excuses) for a while.  So, I decided to move away from second- and third-guessing myself and to click send on the invite and figure out the rest later.  And, the fun began. Continue reading

pinterest: i’m still obsessed, but also…this…

14 May

A friend sent along a recent article about Pinterest Stress and said it reminded her of my blog so, of course, I had to share.  Click for some interesting info on this harsh reality… I’m not a mom but I hear ya loud and clear – you 42% of women surveyed by The Today Show who suffer from said affliction.  I say that with complete (and imperfect) sincerity…hence the initial purpose of this blog.

Also mentioned is the hilarious Pinterest Fail (link not working?) and there’s also Epic Pinterest Fail (maybe the same thing?), which another friend sent to me a few months back.

The moral of the story is that I have friends who send me articles about these things.  Plus that Pinterest gives a false sense of reality sometimes.  Plus that it is OK to not hand-crochet your garbage bags.

5 May


Has it actually been a month since I have sat down to write?  Yikes.  It has been way too long.  I’ve been missing the blog and thinking about it often but things have been beyooond hectic for the past few weeks and writing kept getting pushed further down the priority list.

As part of my personal initiative to keep myself busy with the express purpose of either 1- filling my life with things I’m passionate about to help me become more fulfilled or 2 – keeping myself so busy that I don’t have time to think about anything (I’ll deal with figuring out which one later!)…I have stumbled into the solution of “signing myself up” and questioning later.  With the exception of a few hiccups, that process has been working and I’ve been learning a lot about myself in the meantime.

What has been keeping me busy?

First, work.  I took on a big project at my job that will soon be coming to a close and had me staying late, working on weekends and… was causing a general air of anxiety!  However, I chose to take this on because I wanted a challenge and some more gratifying work.  When I wasn’t working I just wanted to be sitting on the couch eating cookies. But, the cookies would have to wait.

I also have been in the midst of a 6 week fashion course at Parson’s.  This had been something I was considering for a LONG time and went back and forth about taking it and made a bunch of excuses along the way about why it wasn’t a good idea.  I finally did sign up and, while it was a “for fun” course, there was no way I was just cruising through. SO, I diligently did all of the readings, attended the exhibits, wrote my reviews and spent an entire weekend researching and writing my final paper – on fashion and feminism, of course.

Was that last part sort of painful? Yes.
Did I kind of really love doing it? Absolutely.
Was the class super informative and engaging? Yes and Absolutely.

And, as my course was coming to an end, I was switching into party-planning and preparation mode for a super small fundraiser I was hosting (more to come on this next post).  That was something I had been throwing around for literally over a year and decided to just buckle down sent the invite and then truly process what was needed.  I knew I really wanted to do it and didn’t want my own over-thinking and second-guessing to get in the way.

As we move through May, my fever of “biting off a LOT to chew” (not more than, but just the right amount with a liiiittle overdose) will come to a (temporary?) close.  All of the things I’ve had on my plate have been fun, exciting and/or self-imposed (including the project at work – did I mentioned I asked to do it?)

The good news is, I have only had about 2 breakdowns and both were short-lived.

I call progress!

Signing myself up and questioning later has been working for me so far.  Now, for the cookies!

happy easter

31 Mar

First off, yay pastels! My table is happy.

Secondly, we’re spending the spring holidays in a lowkey way again this year.

I went to visit my mom last weekend for a Passover meal, just the two of us.  Can we talk for a second about Matzo Brei and how I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

For Easter, the husband and I will be spending a “regular” Sunday at home.  We just feasted on some pancakes and turkey sausiiige (the only acceptable way to pronounce sausage), and I’m still in my pjs.  The morning will conclude with (finally) hanging up the three pictures I’ve had leaning against the wall for at least a month.  Not exactly a traditional Easter A.M. but I’m a far cry from complaining about it.  I do have some sense of nostalgia/undying love for chocolate and couldn’t resist getting a big ol’ Easter bunny and enough peanut butter eggs to fill a bathtub, though.  Continue reading

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